The Hazman

One Ugly Big Toxic Man!

The Hazman is a lil' thing Doc wrote back when he owned an environmental clean up business, (from 1986 to 1991).

To quote Doc, "You'll notice my efforts to make my lead guitar sound grungy, funky, ugly, mucky, dirty, dingy, greasy and mean, (not out of context but sleazy and different) so you the listener can get somewhat of a feel for the upset stomach way this cat (The Hazman) can make you feel".

The addition of the kids screaming and being scared were added by Doc for a Halloween satellite radio show. Doc liked them and thought the kids were so cute when they were recording them that, there was no way he could put the song/jam back to it's original file". The kids on the track are, Alecia (11 years old), Jimmy (8 years old) and Stormey Lynn (7 years old). "I sure hope you like it"

Doc Quinn

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Well, if you read the papers Then you know my friends We gots a big problem with contamination Now, the Governors they said we're gonna' clean it up Well, I know a cat that really digs that stuff He's the Hazman Whew, he's one hell of a big toxic man

Now he'll eat the biggest pile of rubbish that you got And cleaning out your sewers, he likes that a lot Drinking toxic waste, hell that's a dessert And everybody knows this here cat can't be hurt He's the Hazman He's one hell of a ugly toxic man

Now he carries a little can of ugly bugs in his pickup They eat gasoline and eat the ugly stuff He'll throw them on the ground and then kick em' right in their behind And whenever those suckers dig in the dirt it's gonna' blow your mind He's the Hazman Whew, he's one hell of a big ugly toxic man

Well I'm gonna' tell ya now so you won't be surprised The Hazman he's easy to recognize He'll show up dirty, dingy, greasy looking real mean Looking for something to drink, this cat prefers gasoline Yeah, he's the Hazman He's one hell of a ugly toxic man

Now if you happen to see the Hazman you better make sure you stand back His lips will hit the pavement with a big loud smack He'll pull such a suction you just can't hardly believe That thru that thick ass concrete, he sucks out raw gasoline He's the Hazman He's one hell of a ugly toxic man Ha Ha Ha, Now I seen him last weekend on his two days off He was drinking iced gasoline and breathing straight exhaust He was laid back in the corner neath a bunch of shade, Ha Ha Ha Ha Laughing telling me just how the hell he's got it made He's the Hazman Whew, He is one hell of a ugly toxic man Ha Ha Ha "The Hazman"

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